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ice cream spoon
Glance catering trays
clambox burger
coffee lid
Single wrapped paper cup
HMR fibre Duniform


Ice cream season coming up!

And for that you'll need a spoon. We are now introducing the ice cream spoon of all ice cream spoons! The Pluma paper cutlery family, has gotten yet an other smooth member which will make your ice cream loving customers happy. The spoon is made of FSC™ certified paper and recycable.


Glance catering trays

Our new catering trays are going to make life easier when catering and transporting food. Theese sturdy trays made of FSC™ certified paperboard are easy to stack, transport and carry. The transparent lids let's you get a sneak peek of the appetising content and the food can be served directly from the trays.


The bigger the burger ...

... the bigger the box! Our popular Clambox is now available in size Large. This means lot's of space for delicious meals, no more squeezing and no more mess. And best of all! Lot's of happy customers. The clambox has no lamination which makes it easy to recycle.


Coffee with a lid

Some customers want their coffee black, some want it sweet and some want it extra hot. But what do most of them have in common? When they grab their coffee on the go, they want it to come with a lid. This renewable paper lid lets you offer your customer a sustainable drink cover.


Single wrapped paper cup

Finally – a single wrap cup made of paper. In many environments a single wrapped cup is needed for hygienic reasons and with our paper cup we offer you a sustainable choice. The wrapping is made of biodegradable plastic and the cup is from FSC™ certified kraft paperboard.


HMR fibre + MAP = TRUE

We are expanding our Duniform sealable range with laminated sugarcane fibre trays. Not only do these trays contain 90% less plastic than regular plastic trays, they are also MAP-applicable. These trays are chance to offer your customer a sustainable seald fresh meal.


Click on the link below and let us know which products you are interested in and we'll send you some samples, free of charge. If you’d like a sales presentation or if you have any questions, please let us know by clicking the link. Our team is standing by to help you.

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